ISSUE 3  |  Italian Renaissance

Curvaceous Designs from Pianoprimo in Milan

January 23, 2015 2:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

These curvy glass designs and full-figured baskets stopped us in our tracks on a recent visit to Garde in LA.  They’re the work of Italian interior designers Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta of Pianoprimo, who have been creating elegantly playful household staples since the early nineties. Garde owners Scotti Sitz and John Davidson discovered the duo at last fall’s Maison et Objet and have just introduced the collection to the US. Anderson says, “We love that the designs look classic but very original at the same time. Besides being beautiful to look at, they can all be put to everyday use.” 

Above: The large Tess Carafe, blown glass with wood handles, is $195.

Above: The small Tess Carafe is $175.

Above: The Doris Glass Teapot is $195.

Above: The Coco Blown Glass Cloche is available in two sizes: small for $225, and large for $285.

Above: Large Blown Glass Spoons are $75 each, no two exactly alike.


Above: The corset-stitched Lakota Wicker Basket with flaps is $350. 

Above: The Lakota Double Basket, made of wicker embellished with red PVC twine and a wood handle, is $350. 

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