ISSUE 46  |  All in the Family

Gift Guide: For the Crafty Kid

November 17, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

As a girl, the adults in my life gave me the gift of creativity: They taught me how to build forts, carve woodblock prints, and sew a simple stitch. These are gifts that last a lifetime–and ones I hope to pass on to my own kids. Toward that end, here are six kits for the budding DIYer.

Above: Purl Soho’s fun and easy kits–embroidery, sewing, weaving, and knitting projects, make your own stuffed animals, and more–are the sort that design-savvy grownups might actually want to have in their homes. (Sorry. I know it’s not about us, but in this case, everybody wins.) I had a hard time choosing between the Linen Aprons and the Hand-Embroidered Barrettes–until I came across this Simple Stitched Hot Pads Kit. For $68, your child gets the makings for 12 hot pads: That’s less than $6 a piece.

Above: This five-inch Fox is part of Kirikí­ Press’s Animal Embroidery Kit menagerie available on Etsy–there’s also an equally winning squirrel, raccoon, owl, and sloth. Designed by Toronto artist Michelle Galletta, each set includes a screen-printed design, floss, and stuffing to create own companion using basic and intermediate embroidery; $18.

Above: Become a landscape artist with Scenic Stamp Sets from Yellow Owl Workshop. Choose from farm, circus, city, sea, beach, jungle, or the Winter Stamp Set, shown here, $24.50 each, including five stamps.

Above: The perfect stocking stuffer for crafty kids, Etsy seller Furze Chan’s animal puppet kits include paper parts, joints, and a stick. You supply the scissors and glue. Sold individually ($8; the Penguin is shown here) or as a Set of Four Puppets ($30). There’s also a bear, wallaby, fox, sheep, monkey, and rabbit.

Above, top and bottom: French artist Nathalie Lété’s Large Watercolor Set includes 24 unusual colors in an old-fashioned metal box with one of her paintings on the lid; $25 from Alder & Co. 

Above: Something for the DIY woodland princess or elf? Acme’s Woodland Crown kit features velvet leaves and spun-cotton mushrooms; $25.

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