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Gift Guide 2015: For the Cat Lover

December 03, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

Without careful thought, pets, like kids, can come with a kit of ugly things. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Help convince your crazy cat friends with one of these six gift picks. 

Above: This Cat Tea Towel Bundle from Fancy Huli features black-and-white renderings of a Siamese cat, Persian cat, and black cat in eco-friendly ink. The 100 percent cotton towels are made in the US and ship free within the contiguous United States; $50 for a set of three. 

Above: These jingle-bell Cat Toy Balls are made of marbled, hand-felted alpaca wool sourced from a farm local to the designer in Ontario, Canada; $3.85 each from House of Cat on Etsy. 

Above: A blowout gift for a much-loved cat and owner: the Cat Basket from Zangra, made of a circular ash wood frame, stainless steel feet, and an ivory faux-fur cushion; €169 (about $180).   

Above: The “it” cat book of the moment, if there is such a thing, is All Black Cats Are Not Alike by Amy Goldwasser and Peter Arkle. (Browse a preview in the New Yorker.) A copy from the limited-edition run of 1,000 is $43 (including US shipping). 

Above: Black Velvet in Estonia makes a Design Cat Toy of fallen branches, leather, wooden beads, and feathers for an all-natural version of a classic cat toy; $10.85 on Etsy.

Above: To make Tux & Tabby’s Bonito Flakes, the fish is steamed, air-dried, aged, then shaved into paper-thin flakes for a high-protein kitty treat; £4 (about $6) for seven grams (about a quarter ounce).

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