ISSUE 27  |  Summer Rentals

Gift Guide: 10 Summer Hostess Gifts

July 08, 2014 3:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

As Independence Day festivities wind down and summer socializing gears up, it’s time to brush up on visitor etiquette. Want to guarantee a return invite to your friends’ summer houses?  We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite gifts that would thrill any house-proud host or hostess.

Above: Sarah recommends ceramics from Eric Vandermolen, a Remodelista Market vendor. “For a longer stay I would consider the teapot and for a short stay, the tea cups are a lovely choice,” she says. Teapot, $250; Tea Cups, $35 each from Nicky Kehoe.

Above: Alexa proffers hand-printed linen tea towels with hot-pink trim by Piano Nobile, a Remodelista Market vendor; the Ledger Print is $30. 

Above: An easy-to-care-for-houseplant repotted in a planter of your choice marks friendship and the passage of time as it continues to grow over the years. Recently, I was the happy recipient of the drought-resistant Senecio Mandraliscae from Isabelle Palmer, aka The Balcony Gardener (she’s also one of our guest judges for the Gardenista Considered Design Awards). For a wide array of planters, see 10 Easy Pieces: Little Black Planters, 5 Favorites: Petal Colored Planters, and Concrete Planters from Tasi Masi

Above: Margot’s guest policy is to bring a good-quality knife so that she can help with cooking detail. On the luxury end: the Coltellerie Berti Chef’s Knife is $296 from Quitokeeto. For more options, see 10 Easy Pieces: Editors’ Favorite Chef Knives.

Above: Izabella likes the Concentric Soap Dish because its both attractive and practical–inner rings keep the soap elevated and dry; $36 from Provisions.

Above: Francesca is a fan of the Noaway Countertop Compost Bin made of walnut and nice looking enough to sit in full view; $129 from Provisions.

Above: Julie likes to bring a Salt Bowl by Mud Australia ($16 from Max and Moritz), along with a jar of Wellfleet Sea Salt ($8 for three ounces).

Above: Jane presents her hosts with a Wood Citrus Squeezer accompanied by the promise of fresh OJ in the morning, in the hopes that she’ll be rewarded with fresh mojitos in the evening; $20 from Alessi.

Above: Michelle arrives armed with a magnum (or more) of AIX Rosé 2013 Coteaux d’Aix en Provence; $32.95 per bottle or $197.70 per case.

Above: Justine brings her hosts/hostesses a Waxed Canvas Market Bag for farmer’s market excursions. Based on their brown-paper brethren, these are reusable; $60. See 10 Easy Pieces: French Market Totes for more market carriers.

The Perfect Picnic Basket is a great gift for the outdoorsy host; also see 10 Easy Pieces: Canvas Storage Containers for practical gift ideas. And you could always show up with The World’s Most Adorable House Plant as seen on Gardenista.

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