ISSUE 47  |  The Holiday Table

Gift Guide: 10 Geometric Tree Ornaments

December 03, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

Call it the new geometree: Our favorite Christmas tree ornaments this year come in angular shapes that look great against the lines of the branches. Here are 10 handmade examples.

Above: Great Lakes Goods of Brooklyn points the way to a festive tree with Me and My Arrows, hand-painted on dye-cut wood; $5 each at Brit and Co. Other shapes, including Feathers and Moons, are $15 for a set of four, and they all also work well as gift toppers.

Above: Another favorite from Brit and Co., these Animal Tangram Ornaments by MakeATX of Austin are laser cut from Baltic birch. They’re available in bear (shown here), fox, shark, and whale shapes for $6 each.

Above: Every year the Scandinavian-inspired designs of Ingrid Shwaiko of Quite Alright top my list–and provide some DIY ideas. This set of four Wrapped Paper Christmas Trees is made from recycled paper and embroidery floss; $15.

Above: Pilosale’s simple designs are another annual favorite. This set of 5 Wooden Stars in a cotton bag, $24, makes a great hostess gift.

Above: For those who prefer a bit of bling, Ferm Living’s Solid Brass Decorations come in three shapes: triangle, circle, and hexagon; $12 each at Scandinavian Design Center.

Above: Designed by New York illustrator Mister McGinnis, these Laser-Cut Plywood Ornaments are patterned on each side with bold graphics in yellow and blue (shown here), red and white, and blue and purple; $20 each at Brit Co.

Above: These Geometric Gift Boxes from Atelier Weasel of Seattle can be hung as ornaments or used to present holiday party favors. (Note that they require assembling with a bit of tape or glue.) Sets are available in four color combinations and three different shapes: an eight-sided octahedron, an elongated bipyramid, and a 20-sided icosahedron; $30 for a set of 10 from Brit Co.

Above: Ideal for dangling from evergreen boughs or simply hanging in a window, Ferm Living’s Wooden Stars come in birch (pictured) and oak; $9 each for the small size at Scandinavian Design Center.

Above: A bold take on the classic Christmas ball, Great Lake Good’s Adorn Ornaments come in a wide array of hand-painted bright colors and patterns. They’re available at Bibelot and Token for $16 each. Other colors are also available at Brit + Co. for $14.

Above: This year’s offerings from Denmark’s Bloomingville feature a number of geometric trimmings inspired by nature. The Set of Wooden Ornaments above is $18 at Scandinavian Design Center.

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