ISSUE 8  |  Oceania

Everyday Kitchen Essentials Transformed, from a New Zealand Ceramic Artist

February 22, 2016 8:30 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Working out of a modest boat shed atelier on Auckland’s Hobson Bay, sculptor, painter, and ceramicist Gidon Bing produces limited-edition collections that are sold and collected worldwide. His latest project “draws inspiration from the power and presence of reductive forms,” as he says. “It’s a natural extension of my sculptural practice, where I explore my fascination with the relationship between biological asymmetry and the artifact.”

We especially like his utilitarian pieces, including his coffeepots and porcelain citrus juicers, reimagined in pure white china clay from Matauri Bay, New Zealand (think of it as art for your kitchen), finished with a fine oxide crackle glaze.


Above: The Large Coffee Percolator, modeled after a Chemex, uses standard paper filters; $140 NZD ($93.60 USD).


Above: The Citrus Juicer is $50 NZD ($33.43 USD); available in Satin White, French Blue, and Satin Green.


Above: The Handleless Jug is $140 NZD ($93.60 USD).


Above: Stackable Small Lab Bowls are $18 NZD ($12.03 USD) each.


Above: The Flask Vase is $140 NZD ($93.60 USD).