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GE Monogram: A Professional-Quality Range for Inspired Home Cooking

July 21, 2014 2:00 PM

BY Remodelista Team

Anyone who loves to cook knows it’s easier to turn out professional-quality food when using professional-quality tools. Enter GE Monogram’s Dual-Fuel Professional Range.

Above: The GE Monogram 48-inch Dual-Fuel Professional Range includes four burners, a ceramic infrared grill, and a stainless steel and aluminum-clad griddle, as well as a large-capacity convection oven; MSRP $10,499*. Looking for something smaller? The 36-inch Dual Fuel Professional Range is MSRP $7,799*.

Above L: The range is clad in stainless steel with smoothly finished edges and heavy-duty knobs. Above R: LED lights are large and easy to read, ideal for monitoring temperatures and cooking times at a glance.

Above: The range provides heat with precision: whether stir frying vegetables or simmering a delicate sauce, these burners can maintain an ultra-low 140-degree simmer or rapidly bring food to a boil.  

Above: Entertainers take note: both the 36-inch and 48-inch versions have a caterer’s oven that can accommodate three full-sized sheet trays. The larger model, shown above, has an additional everyday oven for 9-by-13-inch dishes, ideal for casseroles, cakes, and brownies. 

Above L: Reversible burner grates are flat on one side for regular pots and pans and contoured on the other to cradle woks. Above R: The ceramic grill has grooves that create sear marks; flip it over for a grate with rounded edges for more delicate foods.

Above L: An aluminum and stainless steel griddle delivers powerful heat quickly and evenly. Above R: When the grill and griddle are not in use, the included bamboo cutting board creates extra prep space. 

*Resellers unilaterally establish their own resale prices and margin requirements.