ISSUE 66  |  Cult of the Kitchen

Fuse Lamp by Note Design Studio

April 05, 2013 3:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Last time we wrote about Note Design Studio, we featured their ceramic washbasin with a removable upper wooden deck—this time we're admiring their latest creation: the Fuse Pendant Lamp.

Stockholm-based Note Design Studio designed the Fuse pendant lamp for Italian design brand Ex.t. The lamp is made from porcelain and ash wood and features a perfect marriage of traditional Italian craftsmanship and Nordic simplicity. To learn more, go to Note.

Photographs by Mathias Nero.

Above: The lamp is available in two sizes (large or small) and three colors (white, gray, orange). You can pick between a gray or orange cord.

Above: The Large Fuse Lamp is €185 directly from Ex-t online. The large pendant measures 25 centimeters in diameter and it's 24 centimeters tall.

Above: The Small Fuse Lamp is €125 via Ex-t online. It measures 12 centimeters in diameter and 25 centimeters tall.

Above: Lit small and large Fuse lamps.

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