ISSUE 31  |  Farmhouse Modern

Furniture: Tables on Wheels

August 05, 2009 10:30 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Tables on wheels: infinitely versatile. Combine two to make one large table, or use one as a mobile kitchen island.

Above: A dining room by Frank Roop in Boston.

Above: A photo from the portfolio of Eric Piasecki.

Above: A table on wheels by Divercity Architects in Greece.

Above: A table on wheels from the portfolio of photographer Maura McEvoy.

Above: A photo from the portfolio of Jordi Canosa.

Above: A kitchen by NY designer Thomas O’Brien.

Above: An austere space from the portfolio of Koen van Damme.

Above: A loft in New York by Deborah Berke.

Above: The summer house of Peri Wolfman (formerly with Williams Sonoma) and Charles Gold, via PointClick Home.

Above: A modern yet rustic kitchen with a steel table on wheels.