ISSUE 9  |  Spring Finds

Furniture: Konstantin Grcic Desk and Chair for Muji

March 05, 2010 1:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Celebrated German designer Konstantin Grcic, who cites Bauhaus as an early influence, pays homage to this period with his own designs of tubular steel furniture. The pieces are manufactured by the established German furniture maker Thonet, in collaboration with Muji—a merging of German industrial with Japanese simplicity. Although the pieces are not available online, the furniture can be purchased by contacting Muji directly at the Chelsea or Times Square stores in New York. (Also see Furniture: Chair One by Konstantin Grcic.)

Above: The Thonet Steel Pipe Chair in dark gray is $575.75 and the Thonet Steel Pipe Desk is $675.75.

Above: The Thonet Steel Pipe Desk with Steel Shelf is $911.50.