Furniture: Nightwood at Terrain by

Issue 13 · Sonoma Style · March 30, 2011

Furniture: Nightwood at Terrain

Issue 13 · Sonoma Style · March 30, 2011

New at Terrain: A collection of pieces by Brooklyn-based Nightwood, a furniture restoration outfit founded by Myriah Scruggs and Nadia Yaron.

Linen and Stripe Chair

Above: The Linen and Stripe Chair is a rescued piece from the 1940s, restored with linen upholstery and a striped cushion; $1,698.

Above: A detail of Nightwood's upholstery handiwork.

Olive Linen Couch

Above: Olive Linen Couch; features hand-stitched olive linen cushions and a burlap back; $2,998.

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