ISSUE 93  |  Eastern Europe

Three Serbian Designers Reinterpret Classic Seating

October 09, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

We first fell for Antipod Studio’s furniture designs at the Young Serbian Designers show back in 2010. Three years later, we’re still intrigued.

The design studio, comprised of three Serbian designers with varied backgrounds, was founded in Belgrade in 2007. The trio’s approach is multidisciplinary, encompassing architecture, interior design, and furniture design with a focus on, as the designers say, “simplicity, innovation, sincerity, adequacy, inconspicuousness, and sustainability.” Below are two Antipod designs that reflect just that–classic designs presented in a new light. For more information, visit Antipod Studio.

Above: Branko Nikolic, Petar Savic, and Milan Stefanovic of Antipod Studio.

Above: Antipod’s Windsor Aluminum Chair.

Above: The Windsor was first presented at the 2009 Mixer design expo in Belgrade.

Above: A new take on the rural milking stool, the udder-shaped Vime Stool (vime means udder in Serbian).

Above: Viewed from above, the designs are clover shaped.

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