ISSUE 10  |  Euro Cool

Furniture: Malvini in Antwerp

March 08, 2011 9:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Founded in 1995 by Geert and Veronique Verdyck, Malvini produces classic, solid, finely crafted oak furniture—their motto is "Handmade and Homemade"—we especially admire the firm's tables, built to last a lifetime (and beyond). Go to Malvini to see the line; online, the tables are available through Olivia & Marie.

Above: The Desiree Table 300 is 300 centimeters long and is €3,876 at Olivia & Marie.

Above two photos: Henrie 250 Trestle Table; €1,875.50.

Above: Marie Vigneron Table; 90 centimeters in diameter; €93.80.

Above: A simple dining table from Malvini's Puur Line.

Above: The Malvini stamp of authenticity.