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Furniture: Culo Drum from Steed Fine Hoarding & Tack

October 31, 2011 5:22 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Dione Carston is one of those compulsively creative people; when she's not riding horses she's creating new vignettes in her Saint Helena barn-cum-store, Steed Fine Hoarding & Tack (which we wrote about in an installation of Shopper's Diary). Her latest creation is the Culo Drum, an ottoman made from a metal drum and featuring a plush cowhide cushion, which can be made to order in a choice of colors. For ordering information, contact Carston at (707) 738-6969.

Above: The Culo Drum is 23 inches in diameter and costs $425 ($375 for two or more) at Steed Fine Hoarding and Tack.

Above: Carston added sturdy rope handles so the ottoman can be easily moved.