ISSUE 10  |  Canvas & Wood

Furniture: Anne Demeulemeester Carte Blanche Table

March 10, 2009 6:35 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Somehow we had not seen this before, but a savvy reader directed us toward the canvas-wrapped table by celebrated fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester–a member of the Antwerp Six–for Belgian company Bulo. “Her tables for Bulo have the virginity of an unpainted canvas,” New York design arbiter Murray Moss says. “In her words, ‘I wanted to return to the essential shape of a table, like a child would draw it.'”

The table can be repainted to retain its pure white color. The small Carte Blanche Table is available from Moss in New York for $2,925; in the UK, the large Carte Blanche Table is available through Bulo for £3,800 (they offer a 25 percent discount shipped directly to you).