ISSUE 50  |  Christmas Around the World

Furniture: American Furnishings in Ohio

December 18, 2009 7:45 PM

BY Julie Carlson

"Furniture inspired by our industrial and agricultural past, designed and built in middle America" is the slogan at American Furnishings, Dennis and Denise Blankenmeyer's business in Ohio. The couple finds vintage items in foundries, factories, and barns and repurposes the pieces to make their industrial-looking furniture. "We have 10 shops, all located in the great state of Ohio, that weld, build, sandblast, rewire, and finish our furniture," they say. Go to American Furnishings for ordering information.

Above: Industrial Stools; $109 each.

Above: Caster Wheel Cart; $799.

Above: French Mattress Chaise upholstered in Belgian linen; $1,399.