ISSUE 26  |  Latin American Style

Furniture: Acapulco Chair in Indoor Settings

June 28, 2010 7:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We’ve admired the Acapulco chair—a modernist design classic that originated in Mexico in the 1950s—for a while now; we recently learned via Design Sponge that Greenpoint Works, a collaborative furniture-making group, is producing the chairs in Brooklyn using locally sourced steel for the frames and American-made vinyl cording. The Acapulco Chair is available in black or white for $350 or in blue, yellow, pink, or green for $400; custom colors also available. In the UK, the Acapulco Chair is available through Bodie and Fou for £345 (the rocking version is £375).

Above: A loft in Spain, via Desire to Inspire.

Above: A pair of chairs via Bodie and Fou.

Above: A red Acapulco chair at the Hotel San Jose in Austin, Texas.

Above: An interior photographed by Karina Tenburg for Taverne Agency.

Above: A green Acapulco chair via Bodie and Fou.