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Glamour Within Reach: Abigail Ahern’s New Designs for

October 23, 2014 11:00 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

London designer and tastemaker Abigail Ahern likes her interiors to be “glamorous, laid back, and a little bit moody and edgy.” We’re currently eyeing her recent collaboration with, a UK company that prides itself on affordability. The capsule collection includes a sofa, a retro swivel chair, and two versatile X benches, all upholstered in glam–and yes, moody–velvets.

Photography by Graham Atkins Hughes.

Above: The Stanley, covered in Hudson Roosevelt Velvet, was inspired by the swivel chairs of the Mad Men era: “I wanted something that shouts pure seduction,” says Ahern. “It envelops you as you sink in and cocoons you from the outside world.” Prices start at £610 ($979).

Above: Ahern envisioned the eponymous Abigail design as a versatile piece, equally right for “sipping a martini with friends or watching TV with the family.” It’s upholstered in Baltic Roosevelt Velvet, and prices start at £1,310 ($2,103).

Above: Inspired by her time spent in the States, Ahern designed two X benches, including the Maud Footstool, shown here in Dusty Rose Pure Cotton Matte Velvet; from £225 ($361.25). “X benches are the most multitalented pieces of furniture you can own,” says Ahern. “They’re perfect to put your feet on, prop at the foot of a bed, and use as an impromptu perch for guests.” 

Above: Another X bench, the Celeste Footstool, shown here in Prussian Blue Velvet, works well as a bedside table; prices start at £225 ($361.25).

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