ISSUE 22  |  Australia and Beyond

Freeform Linens with a Touch of Whimsy

May 28, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Justine Hand

I've long admired the free-form designs of Pamela Tang. An Australian native, Tang worked for 10 years as a professional interior designer in Singapore before returning to pursue her own signature style.

The designs of Pamela Tang are a study in contrasts. Crisp linen, cut into simple, organized shapes are trespassed almost haphazardly with zany, trailing stitches. Richly beautiful hues are punctured by thin threads, left dangling, unfinished, as if someone kicked over the sewing machine and then left in a huff. The results are utterly original, both lovely and dynamic.

Above: The yellow Cafe Linen Apron features contrast top stitching with intentionally uncut threads and frayed details; $46.

Above: Natural linen fabric meets bright red stitching with these Two Linen Sachets. Filled with lavender, the sachets can be used to refreshen up the laundry; $22 for a pair.

Above: The Black Linen Tea Towels with free-style stitching are $28 each.

Above: Linen Eye Pillows are made from linen fabric and filled with organic French lavender and flax seeds; $29 each.