ISSUE 10  |  Channeling Downton Abbey

Flora and Fauna from Marthe Armitage

March 05, 2012 2:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

UK-based designer Marthe Armitage has been making her hand-blocked wallpaper for 40 years, using a century-old offset lithographic printing press and hand-cut lino blocks.

Her papers, printed in fanciful patterns featuring flora and fauna and bucolic country scenes, are available from Hamilton Weston. N.B. See the wallpaper in situ at Designer Visit: Ebba Thott's Notting Hill Flat.

Above: Oakleaf.

Above: Hop Garden is also available in metallic gold.

Above: Jugs is also available in metallic gold.

Above: Chestnut is available as wallpaper or fabric.

Above: Armitage, who is a member of the Art Workers' Guild, at work in her studio.