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A Flag for Every Family from a Pair of Paris Artists

August 12, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Jin Angdoo Lee and Mathieu Julien, freelance illustrators and artists who operate under the name Amateurs, describe themselves as “a happy couple based in Paris. We are lovers of new discoveries and endless artistic possibilities.”

Their wall-hanging Flag for Every Family project is “based on the idea that every home is a micro nation with its inhabitants as its ruler. Therefore, every house needs an emblem.” The wall hangings measure approximately 150 by 100 centimeters (59 by 39 inches) and are made from hand-dyed, bleached, and natural cotton pieces; they are €800 ($891) each. 

Above: The Flag for Every Family project consists of six abstract designs.

Above: Contact Amateurs directly for ordering information.

Above: A detail of the creation process.

Above: Contact Amateurs directly for ordering information.

Above: The Tea Towels project is “a study of shapes in black, white, and blue. Instead of painting on framed canvases, a series of 33 original paintings are painted on handmade linen tea towels with a cotton hook sewn on the back. Each painting varies in size and fabric weight.” The tea towels are 70 ($78) each; contact Amateurs directly for ordering information. 

Above: A detail of a dish towel painting, via Angdoo’s personal blog.

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