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Netscapes: 9 Stairwells with Nautical Enclosures

May 29, 2015 3:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Spotted lately: ropes, netting, and tension wire cables as stairway enclosures and balustrades.

Above: A safety balustrade made of net stretched from floor to ceiling via Savio Fabrizzi Architectes.

Above: In a house in Oporto, Portugal, OODA architects suspended netting over the stairwell, creating a hammock. 

Above: A1 Architects in Prague used netting as an elegant safety enclosure that extends along the upstairs hall.

Above: For a house in Kamnik, Slovenia, architects Dekleva Gregoric enclosed both sides of a stairway in dark netting. 

Above: In their design for an apartment building in Lausanne, Switzerland, PRS Architects spec’ed wire netting for a stair enclosure.

Above: In the renovated hay barn of a traditional farmhouse on a small island in the North Sea, Stockholm architect Karin Matz created a stair enclosure using blue polypropylene rope.

Above: In their garden house in Viksberg, Sweden, architects Tham & Videgard enclosed the stairwell in a steel net.

Above: In the Karst House by Dekleva Gregoric in Vrhovlje, Slovenia, a system of cables and nets encloses an upstairs bedroom.

Above: South Korea firm Smart Architecture created a tension-cable balustrade in an apartment project. 

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