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Fisher Blacksmithing Tools for the Gardener

October 01, 2012 6:15 PM

BY Janet Hall

What do you get when a blacksmith from Montana discovers a passion in gardening? A line of gorgeous, hand-forged, heirloom-quality garden tools.

Above: Made in Bozeman, Montana, by Tuli Fisher (Fisher Blacksmithing), each tool is individually built using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Steel is heated to a red glow in the forge and then shaped over the anvil with a hammer. All joinery is done using solid steel rivets. Then, each tool is set into its own hand-turned durable American black walnut handle creating a long-lasting garden tool with no welds.

Above: The Fisher Blacksmithing Three Tined Garden Rake (or cultivator) digs in and removes debris and loosens soils. It is also good for catching runners and grass roots under the surface; $50.

Above: The Fisher Blacksmithing Large Garden Trowel is $50.

Above: This narrow hand-forged 13-inch long Fisher Blacksmithing Perennial Trowel is strong enough to use as a weeder and also has serrated edges along one side for cutting twine and separating roots; $50.

Above: The Fisher Blacksmithing Square Blade Hoe is great for weeding against the edges of raised beds, edging, and rockery; $50.

Above: The ultimate gift (hint, hint), the Fisher Blacksmithing Set of Five Hand Forged Garden Tools includes (top to bottom) a large trowel, perennial trowel, three tine rake, pointed hoe, and square hoe; $250.

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