ISSUE 10  |  Channeling Downton Abbey

First-Rate Ideas from 2nd Shift

March 07, 2012 10:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Benches that double as shelving; stools with interchangeable seats: We are intrigued by the designs coming from 2nd Shift, a collaborative of seven young designers in Cleveland, Ohio.

The designers (who all have day jobs, hence the name of their company) are joined in a common vision to make hand-manufactured, flat-packed, affordable furniture. Here is their first collection of furniture, made from lumber reclaimed from a defunct amusement park. For information on availability and pricing, see 2nd Shift.

Above: The hardware-free Bench features four legs that slide into place; multiples can be converted into a freestanding shelving unit.

Above: Boxes in two sizes are made from reclaimed hardwood; an inserted aluminum frame comes in five different color finishes.

Above: The Stool has an interchangable seat; shown here in wood.

Above: The Stool's interchangeable seat is also available in four upholstered options: denim, burlap, linen, or wool.