ISSUE 26  |  Farmhouse Style

Faucets & Fixtures: Soapstone Sink Roundup

November 19, 2009 4:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

We like the look, feel, and functionality of farmhouse-style sinks made of soapstone, which is impervious to chemicals, acid, and water and doesn’t burn or stain, making it an ideal material for kitchen use. We’ve rounded up a selection of soapstone sinks. 

Above: The single-bowl Boston Soapstone Sink (shown in oiled Ice Flower) offers a  26.5-inch-wide single bowl and is 7.75 inches deep; $650 at Green Mountain Soapstone, which maintains its own soapstone quarries in Vermont.



Above L: The classic Wright Sink, based on an original 1907 design in Chicago, measures 30 by 20 by 9.75 inches; $865.78 at Vermont Soapstone (which guarantees its soapstone products forever); other sizes are available. Above R: The custom Laundry Sink from Vermont Soapstone measures 24 by 24 by 12 inches with a 12-inch backsplash and costs approximately $1,300. Vermont Soapstone closed its Vermont quarry in 2004 and is awaiting permitting to open another Vermont quarry; in the meantime, the company is importing its soapstone from Brazil.

Above: The Handcarved Soapstone Apron Sink is carved from a single block of soapstone, features rounded interior corners, and measures 30 by 18 1/2 by 10 inches; $1,295 (including shipping in the US) at M. Teixeira Soapstone, which imports their soapstone from Brazil and India.

Above: A custom washbasin by M. Teixeria Soapstone.