ISSUE 47  |  The Holiday Table

Nostalgia Now: New Kitchen Basics from Falconware

November 26, 2014 12:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

For those with nostalgic leanings–and this time of year who doesn’t have them?–Falcon, UK purveyor of enamelware since 1920, has branched out into Fabricware, a line of kitchen linens designed to look right at home with the company’s classics.

Above: Falcon’s Fabricware collection–tea towels (shown here), aprons, and oven mitts–are produced by a small weaving mill in Lancashire, in the north of England. All are made of cotton and linen and are available in colors that match Falcon’s enamelware: Pigeon Blue, Pillar Box Red, and white with blue trim.

Above: The Falcon Fabricware Tea Towels are £15.99 ($25) each. The cotton-linen mix is highly absorbent and all products are machine washable.

Above: The Falcon Fabricware Apron is £36.99 ($58).

Above: A pair of Falcon Fabricware Oven Gloves is £24.99 ($40).

Above: White with blue trim is a classic Falcon color combination. 

We’re longstanding fans of Falcon’s enamelware. See Tabletop: Falcon Enamelware in the UK and Classic Enamelware for Outdoor Dining. And for a nutshell history of enamelware, plus some good sources, see Megan Wilson’s Object Lesson: The Pastel Enamel Pot.

Gardenista’s Recipes for Thanksgiving Cranberries would be perfect presented in some Falcon enamelware.