ISSUE 38  |  Distressed Glamour

Fabrics & Linens: Raksha Bella in Berkeley

September 23, 2011 6:30 PM

BY Lydia Lee

Carrie Peters of Berkeley-based Raksha Bella was a decorative painter in a former life; after a trip to India, she shifted her aesthetic focus to fabrics. Peters commissions underprivileged women in Jaipur, India, to create hand-block prints on 100 percent certified-organic cotton sateen. The company's name is also its creed; Raksha means protection in Sanskrit, and Bella is Latin for beautiful. "Raksha Bella's philosophy is to protect what is beautiful with our devotion to hand-made organic textiles," Peters says. To see the full line of offerings, go to Raksha Bella.

Above: The Peonie Duvet Cover in Beaujolais is $375 to $415, depending on size.

Above: The Svetamrita Reversible Quilt, with the Svetamrita print on top and Peonie in teak on the reverse, is $469.

Above: The king-size Peonie Duvet Cover in cress green is $415.