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Fabrics & Linens: Michael Devine in New York

April 22, 2011 6:11 PM

BY Zak Profera

New York-based designer Michael Devine studied art history in Paris and worked as a style editor in New York City before launching his own eponymous fabric line in 2002. His patterns are a clean, contemporary take on traditional French and European designs; he creates the original stencils by hand and has the textiles printed locally (for showrooms carrying the line, go to Michael Devine). For more information on Michael Devine and his boutique in Kinderhook, go to Michael Devine Home. Prices for the fabrics start at $125 per yard.

Above: Petite Fleur was one of Devine's very first designs.

Above: Devine designed his Venice pattern while sitting on a friend's balcony overlooking the canals.

Above: Devine took his inspiration from an 18th-century needlepoint eyeglass case for his Bagatelle print.

Above: Devine's laminated fabric trays are available at Michael Devine and at Lotus Bleu in San Francisco; prices range from $30 to $195.