ISSUE 22  |  Pacific Northwest

Fabrics & Linens: Liituraita Linen Towels

June 02, 2011 5:24 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Currently on offer at private sale site DesignStory: linen towels from family-owned Finnish company Jokipii Pellava. The coarsely textured towels are made with fine long flax (grown with natural fertilizers and without the use of chemicals and pesticides) combined with organic cotton; the towels become softer and more absorbent over time. To view the line, go to DesignStory (you must register as a member to access the special prices).

Above: Liituraita Linen/Cotton Towels in several sizes are on offer at DesignStory; prices start at $24 (down from $31) for a hand towel.

Above: Liituraita Linen/Cotton Wash Mitts are $18 (down from $24) at DesignStory.

Above: Striped Liituraita Linen/Cotton Towels; prices start at $29 (down from $39) at DesignStory.