ISSUE 38  |  Italy by Design

Fabrics & Linens: Idarica Gazzoni in Milan

September 23, 2010 8:12 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Milan-based textile designer and decorative painter Idarica Gazzoni was inspired by Italian frescoes as a child; later she studied decorative painting in Brussels and traveled to the Far East. Her Arjumand collection of fabrics and wallpaper was named after the Mughal princess whose husband built the Taj Mahal. Printed in Italy on heavy-weight hemp, cotton, tussah silk, linen voile, and wool felt, the collection is available in the US through Harbinger in Los Angeles; in Milan, her work is on view at the Arjumand Showroom.

Above: Tris Bloom.

Above: Poppy Dance.

Above: Herringbone.

Above: Gauhara Begum.

Above: Tulip Sway.