ISSUE 75  |  Travels with an Editor: Paris

Beau, Bio, Eco: Couleur Chanvre in France

June 07, 2013 5:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

French fabric company Couleur Chanvre produces rustic yet refined linens made from unbleached hemp grown in France. Dedicated to green manufacturing (the motto is “beau, bio, eco”), the company achieves the natural palette through organic vegetable dyes. Prices start at €30 for a pillowcase; worldwide shipping available. To see the full line, go to Couleur Chanvre.


Above: A mix of pale pink and darker mauve linen sheets; prices start at €125 for a Drap Plat Chanvre Pur.

Above: Lace-edged linens are also available.

Above: A mix of navy, gray, and olive green: genius.

Above: The Hemp Apron is €57.

Couleur Chanvre also makes vegetable-dyed, organic hemp shower curtains in rugged earth tones.

 This post is an update; the original ran on February 18, 2009.