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Extreme Sustainability in London

January 08, 2013 10:15 PM

BY Julie Carlson

East London Furniture takes the concept of reclaimed wood to a new level, producing pieces made from 100 percent salvaged materials destined for landfill, found on the streets surrounding its central London workshop.

Founded by Christian Dillon, Ben Green, and Reuben Le Prevost in 2011, East London Furniture operates out of a storefront on Hoxton Street (Time Out recently named it one of London's best furniture stores). To see more, go to East London Furniture.

Above: At work in the London studio.

Above: A hand-printed Fruit Crate is £40.

Above: A table and stool with an urban rustic charm.

Above: An East London Furniture Stop Door is £10.

Above: A chair cobbled together from scrap materials.

Above: Made from oak reclaimed from a door frame with a cloth-bound cord, the Floor Lamp is £550.