ISSUE 19  |  Spring Cleaning

Extension Cords as Decor

May 08, 2012 1:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

I live in a Victorian flat in San Francisco, where each room is designated only one electrical outlet. It’s enough to drive me (or anyone) insane; to the point where I’m considering buying–or making–one of these high-style extension cords from German design group Bless.

Bless’ beaded cables are the decadent solution to unsightly cords; for the DIY-inclined, however, a similar look can be created using instructions from DIY: Lamp Cord of Wooden Beads.

Above: The Wooden Pearls Cable is seven feet long with a grounded, three-prong plug and socket; $345 from Stand Up Comedy in Portland.

Above: The cords feature different combinations of round and square black beads, each measuring about two inches in diameter.

Above: The Leather Macramé Cable is eight feet long; $275 from Stand Up Comedy.