ISSUE 38  |  The Low Countries

Ethereal Lighting from the Netherlands

September 17, 2012 1:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

First spotted (and admired) on Vosges Paris (a Remodelista Design Newsstand blog): organic lighting designed by a dream team of artists.

Ay Lin Heinen, Neslon Sepulveda, and Mark Eden Schooley are the masterminds behind the lighting label Ay Illuminate. Based in the Netherlands, with production in both Asia and Africa, the lamps are designed by local artisans and made from renewable materials such as bamboo, sisal nets, and handwoven cotton. "We believe that local handicraft carries the genes of cultural identity," the designers say. For more information, visit Ay Illuminate.

Photography by Mark Eden Schooley, unless otherwise noted.

Above: The Z4 lamp made from bamboo and cotton cover, hangs over Desiree of Vosges Paris kitchen table. Photographed by Vosges Paris.

Above: A hanging pendant made from bamboo.

Above: Bamboo lamp Urchin, available in four different sizes.

Above: A lamp made from sisal nets from Swaziland.