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Noir Enamelware: Falcon Basics in Black and White

September 15, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Margot Guralnick

For the high-style campfire or kitchen: classic, no-nonsense enamelware, now in coal black from Falcon in the UK. 

Above: The Falcon Enamelware six-piece Prep Set comes with five nesting mixing bowls and a colander. It’s £64.99 ($100.24), and, like all designs in the line, is also available in gray, red, and white with blue trim. Unison sells the Prep Set for $120 in black and $99 in white with blue trim.

Falcon’s online store showcases the full collection and offers free international shipping for orders over £125 ($192.85). A number of US retailers also carry select pieces of Falconware in black, among them: Huckberry in SF, Unison in Chicago, and Pigment in San Diego. Go to Falcon for a list of sellers around the world.

Above L: Nine-centimeter-tall (three-and-a-half inch) stacking Tumblers are £5.99 ($9.24) from Falcon, and $32.98 for a Set of Four (marked down from $40) from Huckberry. Above R: Mugs are £7.99 ($12.33) from Falcon and $12.50 from Pigment.

Above: A four-piece Plate Set in white with black, blue, red, or gray  trim is £24.99 ($38.55). 

Above: A 1,000-milliliter Teapot is £19.99 ($30.84).

Above: All of Falcon’s enamelware is oven and dishwasher safe. It’s made of enamel-coated steel and if dropped, the outer layer will chip. The five-piece Bake Set–two pie dishes and three baking pans–is £64.99 ($100.27).

We have a weakness for enamelware. Browse our Archive for our favorites, including the Enamel Drinks Dispenser and Barn Light Electric’s Colorful Enamelware Made in the USA. Go to New Kitchen Basics from Falcon to see the company’s aprons, oven mitts, and other enamelware companions.