ISSUE 7  |  Winter in the Desert

Electric Love Sculptures

February 17, 2012 8:15 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Modern interpretations of Native American dreamcatchers, via Brooklyn-based Electric Love, made from elemental materials.

Hitomi Matarese and Charlie Walker, a husband-and-wife designer duo, make these wall hangings from their Brooklyn loft using wire, vintage deer leather, turkey feathers, yarn, thread, and quartz crystals. The dramatic hoops, festooned with feathers dangling from leather strips, have attracted a following that includes Liz Lambert of yesterday's Hotel Saint Cecilia. The dreamcatchers are currently sold at Love Adorned and by special request at Spartan.

Above: Strips of leather in the Electric Love studio. Photograph by Currie Pearson of Spartan (see more at Spartan Journal).

Above: A similar Deercatchers is $385 at Love Adorned.