ISSUE 65  |  Belgium and Beyond

Easter at Villa Augustus in the Netherlands

March 25, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Justine Hand

Located on the grounds of a 19th century Dutch water tower, Villa Augustus offers a year-round bounty of color, in its vibrant flowers, lush gardens, and lively decor. This spring finds the Dordrecht hotel, and its restaurant and market, in full swing as it gears up for another season in bloom.

When she is not conjuring her own vibrant Wood and Wool creations, Dutch artist Ingrid Jansen is lucky enough to work at Villa Augustus. Here she lends her creative talents, conceiving many of the ever-changing bouquets as well as festive seasonal decor, pausing now and then to capture this inspiring place in her lens.

Except where otherwise noted, all photos by Ingrid Jansen.

Above: Surrounding the old 19th century water tower which now serves the 37-room hotel, the gardens of Villa Augustus offer up many of the flowers and vegetables for the restaurant and market. Image by Hetty.

Above: Here decked out for Easter, the dramatic chandelier in the dining room changes seasonally.

Above: On the Villa's grand terrace, pastel cafe chairs provide plenty of outdoor seating.

Above: Welcoming spring, hyacinth bulbs nest in an Easter basket.

Above: Villa Augustus' signature style: whimsical, jewel-tone accents enliven the interior as well as the grounds.

Above: One of Ingrid's arrangements provides a burst of color for the Villa's flower day.

Above: An arrangement by Ingrid (L) brightens a grand passage. Above: Forget-Me-Nots from the Villa's greenhouses (R) are on sale in the market.

Above: Golden Easter bunnies on offer in the market.

Above: Happily at work, Ingrid Jansen applies the finishing touches to one of her extemporaneous arrangements.

Above: Harvested from the Villa's own gardens, a bevy of bouquets await placement on the dining tables.

Above: A bounty of Villa Augustus produce in the market.

Above: In the market, spring bulbs await a new garden home.

Above L: Viewed from the tower, the patchwork landscape of the Villa Augustus cafe and garden. Above R: Overlooking the Wantij River on one side and the greenhouse and gardens on the other, the former water tower houses the Villa's accommodations.

Above: A quiet place to sit alongside a blue garden path. Image by Hetty.

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