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Lighting Fixtures with a Cinematic Appeal

February 22, 2013 6:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

There's something very cinematic about the lacquered wood candelabras and lighting fixtures from Dunes & Duchess, a newish homewares line from a photographer (Michael Partenio) and a stylist (Stacy Kunstel).

To see the full line, go to Dunes & Duchess.

Above: A Dunes & Duchess candelabra in white lacquer.

Above: The Four-Arm Candelabra by Dunes and Duchess. $585 from Hudson. Also available in a selection of other colors including Italian red.

Above: A Dunes & Duchess candelabra, after the party.

Above: 2-Arm Sconce by Dunes and Duchess. The lacquered sconces are American made from maple and come in a choice of colors; $690 from Hudson.