Down to the Wire: Baskets with Style by

Issue 26 · Farmhouse Style · June 27, 2012

Down to the Wire: Baskets with Style

Issue 26 · Farmhouse Style · June 27, 2012

Traditionally used by fishermen and farmers, as well as in factories and schools, baskets made from thin, pliable wire have long been recognized for their utilitarian value. More recently, designers have latched onto these lithe vessels as a way to add to touch of retro/rustic or a bit of industrial, without being too heavy or over bearing.

Today, wire baskets of all shapes and sizes—both vintage and modern—are widely available; they add a little dimension to an interior while at the same time providing some very handy storage.

Vintage French chicken wire bin

Above: The wonky form of this Antique French chicken wire trash bin from Vagabonds and Caravans lends a sense of history and character to any space; $125.

. farmer's basket from Lucky Little Dot

Above: Vintage milk crates and farmer's baskets like this one from Lucky Dot are readily available on Etsy, Ebay or your local flea; $65.

vintage egg basket

Above: Available in many shapes and sizes, farmhouse egg baskets are also among the most versatile: you can hang them from the ceiling, place them on the counter or floor, or even use them as my friend does: as a salad spinner. (Whipping the lettuce around outside is so much fun.) When not in use, these baskets collapse flat for easy storage. Image via Vintage by Alex Keller.

fog linen desk tray

Above: Fog Linen offers several stylish wire storage options, like this delicate Desk Tray from Shelf Life; $38.

antique egg basket via All things Home

Above: Large egg or their cousin clam baskets are generous enough to hold larger items like books, towels, or kindling. And if you're in a playful mood, they often come in jolly colors—orange, yellow, red, green (I've even seen pink). Image via All Things Home.

Restoration Hardware's lockers

Above: Vintage-Style Locker Baskets like these from Restoration Hardware are useful for storing everything for toys to linens; $39 to $59.

chicken wire basket from Olive Manna

Above: Humble chicken wire becomes chic modern storage in this Basket from Olive Manna; $52.

Jayson Home boucle shop tote

Above: Wire with a modern twist, a handmade Boucle Shop baskets from Jayson Home provides a more contemporary look; starting at $98.

wire waste bin at Brook Farm General Store

Above: Made in India, a whole line of rustic style, wire bins, including small rectangular, round with handle, and tall baskets like this one is available at Brook Farm General Store; $35 to $68.

AM Radio's DIY egg basket lamp shade

Above: Wire baskets even make great DIY lamp shades; via AM Radio; $95.

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