ISSUE 28  |  Summer in Paris

Domestic Science: Vermont Clothesline Company

July 13, 2011 6:35 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Michelle and Joel Baker of Waterbury, Vermont, started the Vermont Clothesline Company when they couldn't find an appealing model for their own use. The couple offers three reasonably priced options; each kit comes with white cedar posts from a nearby sawmill, cotton clotheslines, hardware, diagrams, and instructions ("the main work is digging the postholes," Michelle says). Go to Vermont Clothesline Company for more information.

Above: Create an instant clothesline with the cedar Vermont Farmouse Post; attach the opposite end of the line to a tree or the side of a building to create a plein air drying station; $95.

Above L: The Summer Breeze includes two cedar posts that can accommodate nine drying lines; $169. Above R: The rotary Garden Party Clothesline is a more compact option for smaller yards; $169