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Domestic Science: Best Drying Rack from Columbia, Missouri

August 25, 2011 3:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Summer in New England is hot and humid, and towels seem permanently damp, always on the verge of mildew. This year, I became obsessed with tracking down a vintage-style towel drying rack that would encourage my teenagers to hang their beach towels outside the back door. I embarked on an internet search and was delighted to discover the Best Drying Rack, reminiscent of drying racks of yore (indeed, the design is based on a drying rack that owner Greg Baka found in an antique store). 

Above: The arrival of the Best Drying Rack has reaffirmed what I have always known: “When things are simple and easy to use, people (teens included) actually use them.” Made in the US of maple hardwood dowels and corrosion-resistant steel, the Best Drying Rack features stable tripod construction; $79.00. 

Above: The Best Drying Rack provides 24 feet of hanging capacity and can accommodate a dozen beach towels. When open, the Best Drying Rack measures 52 inches in diameter and 38 inches tall; when closed, it’s 8 inches in diameter and 27 inches tall.

Above: The Best Drying Rack features solid maple dowels and zinc-coated steel components. Best Drying Rack is committed to small-scale US manufacturing; in fact, you can join them on their Clothespin Challenge as they search for clothespins made in America to sell on their site.

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