ISSUE 23  |  Seafaring Style

DIY: Vintage Troughs as Planters

June 10, 2011 4:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Last weekend, I made a quick visit to Hampshire to view a friend's ongoing garden project, and I was struck by her clever recycling initiative: the adaptive reuse of feeding troughs as planters for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. To recreate the look, consider the sources listed below.

Above: Vintage metal water tanks and troughs as decorative planters.

Above: An animal water trough repurposed as a kitchen herb garden.

Above: Vintage Troughs (used for a single season) are £50 through Friday Ad.

Above: Standard Water Troughs in a variety of lengths are available from McVeigh Parker in the UK.

Above: For a similar galvanized tank, go to Freeland Industries, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of heavy-duty galvanized steel tanks for the farm, garden, and home.