ISSUE 14  |  Dutch Design

DIY: Easter Egg Radish Centerpiece

April 03, 2012 5:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

A DIY floral arrangement inspired by Easter egg radishes, an heirloom variety that comes in shades of pink, red, purple, and white and resembles the colored eggs of the season.

Above: Two small arrangements are ideal for an Easter table setting; recreate the look by following our DIY tutorial.

Above: Start with multicolored Easter egg radishes from your local greengrocer.

Above: You'll need:

  • Two bunches of Easter egg radishes
  • A bunch of fresh sage
  • A bunch of white sweet pea flowers
  • A bunch of hearty white ranunculus
  • A small round vase or two
  • Gardening scissors (shown above, Ikebana Scissors).

Above: Create a foundation using a few stems of ranunculus and sage foliage.

Above: Layer in your sweet pea stems, cutting most of them low enough to fill out the vase, with a few left longer and wilder. Add the ranunuclus, which act as face flowers, in groupings and at varying levels to show off the face of the flowers.

Above: Be sure your radishes are well cleaned and pull of any foliage that has yellowed or has a nibbled-on look.

Above: Add the radishes by tucking the greens into the vase or lightly placing them in between the sweet pea and ranunculus.

Above: A larger finished arrangement (shown from above) works well if you have a round table.

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