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DIY: An Industrial Wall Light for $15

March 20, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

We recently featured an Updated Danish Farmhouse with enchantingly raw interiors: concrete floors, painted brick walls, and industrial lighting. I was particularly taken with the wall-mounted light fixtures in the kitchen that the owners salvaged from a brickyard. I set out to build my own DIY version; here’s what I came up with for less than $15 per light. 

Photography by Izabella Simmons, unless noted.


Above: My inspiration–the kitchen of jewelry designer Marie von Lotzbeck and photographer Jakob Kirk, lit by wall-mounted salvaged industrial lights. Photograph by Kira Brandt via Femina.

Above: The three kitchen light fixtures mounted in a row. Photograh by Kira Brandt via Femina.

DIY Project

After a few trips to my local hardware and lighting stores, I was able to source very similar parts–a few discoveries in the plumbing aisle made it all come together. (Skip ahead if you want to see my results.) 



Above L: Philips 20-Watt Halogen Integrated Electronic Ballast Flood Light Bulb; $19.97 from Home Depot. Above R: Krylon Spray Paint in Flat Black finish; $5.38 from Tool Up.


Step 1: Spray paint all of the lamp parts matte black and leave them to dry outside for at least half a day.

Step 2: Assemble the pieces–all of the parts have threads that easily screw into one another for complete assembly–yes, it’s that easy.

Step 3: Hire an electrician to take care of the wiring and installation. That’s the next step for me.

Finished Project

Above: Not a bad facsimile, eh? 


Above:  The DIY lamp ready to be wired and installed.

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