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DIY: A Hand-Blocked Chair To Obsess Over

April 16, 2013 11:30 AM

BY Izabella Simmons

We recently wrote about Ariele Alasko and her design studio where she creates furniture out of reclaimed wood. This time we are featuring her latest DIY project – a chair she decided to upholster in hand-stamped linen fabric (she carved the stamp herself).

I few years ago I took a semester long upholstery class in Sweden, and I must say, ever since I have a complete different opinion about the labor intensive profession. It was hard and tedious work (of course some of my puffed breathing probably stemmed from being pregnant with my first-born at the time) and I now understand the valid reason why upholsterers charge an arm and a leg. Alasko’s project took some effort and in her blog entry she does mention the unexpected laborious hours the chair make-over called for. To learn more about her DIY project, go to Brooklyn to West (her blog and shop).

Photographs by Ariele Alasko

Above: The chair upholstered in a hand-stamped linen.

Above: She used a rubber stamp which she carved herself. A similar stamp and carving tools can be found via Etsy.

Above: Alasko used the old fabric scraps to trace and cut the new pieces. She printed the pieces individually to know exactly where to add the print. Black acrylic paint was applied to the stamp to create the print.

Above: Alasko’s cat definitely favors the chair and doesn’t seem to mind the new fabric.

Above: Alasko removed some of the old green paint to expose the raw wood.

Above: A picture of the old chair before the new hand-stamped linen was added.

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