ISSUE 35  |  Danish Living

Designer Visit: Furniture and Lighting from Soren Rose in Denmark

September 02, 2011 3:32 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

When he's not speeding across Africa in the Paris-Dakar rally, Danish media entrepreneur Soren Rose has spent the past several years focusing on design. In addition to creating streamlined, cutting-edge interiors (see House Call: Soren Rose Studio in Copenhagen), he's also got a line of furniture (we especially like his Verona table, made from reclaimed planks from an Italian marble workshop) and lighting inspired by New York industrial fixtures. Go to Soren Rose to see more.

Above: The Verona Table is made from reclaimed wood; the Tribeca table lamp is made from vintage brass parts.

Above: Rose used chunks of Corian in three different colors to fill imperfections and gaps in the reclaimed wood.

Above: The table's simple frame is made from plumbing parts.

Above: Rose created his Tribeca Editions lighting line using brass and vintage parts found in New York and California.

Above: A tabletop lamp.

Above: Rose created hanging lighting sculptures using cage lights.