ISSUE 41  |  Moody Artistes

Design Sleuth: Skulls Collection Wallpaper by Beware the Moon

October 11, 2011 6:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

I recently stopped in at the new St. Ali Cafe in Clerkenwell for a meeting, but found myself focusing more on the shimmery flocked skull wallpaper than on my coffee companions. A quick search turned up the source: it's the Skulls Collection from Beware the Moon, a London-based company started by by father-and-daughter duo John and Louise Wakefield, who are devoted to keeping the handmade British wallpaper tradition alive. As a wall covering, it's slightly sinister and strangely beguiling; we think people will flock to it.

Above: The Skulls Collection wallpaper in situ at the St. Ali Cafe.

Above: Skulls Collection wallpaper, Black on Gunmetal; £125 per roll at Rockett St. George.

Above: The paper's skulls glitter against a velvet-flocked background. Skulls Collection wallpaper, Bronze Flock on Oil Slick; £258 per roll at Rockett St. George.

Above: Skulls Collection wallpaper, White on Snow Glitter; £25 per metre at Firefly House.