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Design Sleuth: Sheepskin Bed Cover

January 11, 2013 2:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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We spotted artist Kathleen Ward Whitaker's sheepskin throw on Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table, and we couldn't resist sleuthing a similar oversized furry bed cover.

Above: Photograph via Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table; visit Kathleen Ward Whitaker and her house visit on Apartment Therapy for more.

Above: A Sexto Sheepskin Rug can be easily used as an instant bedspread. Shown above is the Auskin Premium Longwool Sexto Sheepskin Rug. The rugs are also available at Kiwi Sheepskins for $499 each and at Sheepskin Town for $349.

Above: Anthropologie's Luxe Wooly Throw is made from Mongolian sheep fur, wool, and polyester for $798.

Above: There's always the DIY version, four Rens Sheepskin Throws from Ikea sewn together with a leather needle; $29.99 each. Photograph via Oaxaca Born.

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