Design Sleuth: School Lockers by

Issue 10 · Channeling Downton Abbey · March 9, 2012

Design Sleuth: School Lockers

Issue 10 · Channeling Downton Abbey · March 9, 2012

With the passage of time separating us from memories of gym class, we've come to appreciate the industrial-strength, "no holds barred" approach to storage that school lockers provide.

Above: Chicago-based designer Angela Stone (and proprietor of Hinge Design Studio) uses school lockers as storage in her office. (For more on the whole house, see Designer Visit: Hinge Design Studio in Chicago). Photograph by Emily Johnston Anderson.

School Lockers

Above: Find old school lockers at your local salvage shop; one online source is School Lockers, which sells lockers both new and old (starting at $45) and new (starting at $90).

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