ISSUE 9  |  High/Low Design

Design Sleuth: Porcelain Ceiling Fixtures

March 01, 2012 7:15 PM

BY Julie Carlson

An idea we haven't seen before: porcelain ceiling sockets arrayed in a semicircular pattern, a device for adding drama to a whitewashed interior.

Above: A living room in southern Sweden, via Emmas Design Blogg. Photo by Jenny Brandt.

Above: Here's another Scandinavian room with a smart-looking row of porcelain sockets; via Skona Hem, photo by Daniela Witte; via Solid Frog.

Above: For an artist's barn in East Hampton, New York, architect Annabelle Selldorf keeps it simple, with a plywood ceiling and hardware-store porcelain fixtures for lighting.

Above: The Thomas Hoof Porcelain Ceiling Light is €22 at Thomas Hoof Produkt.

Above: The Defiance light fixture is $99 from Schoolhouse Electric.

Above: The simple (and inexpensive) Leviton Porcelain Keyless Fixture is $11.32 at Amazon.